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Psalterium, cum antiphonies, hymnis et calendarios
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Psalterium, cum antiphonies, hymnis et calendarios
Work Type
Illuminated manuscripts
Paris, France
vellum (parchment)
9 1/4 in. x 6 1/4 in. (23 cm x 16 cm)
[music] f. 118v
Manuscript on vellum, octavo, gothic characters, double columns, 33 lines to a page. Calendar in red and black. Four line staff notation in red with square notes and sparse ligature. There are nine miniatures, the first representing King David praying; text on first page with full borders and eight single borders, many capital letters painted in gold on diapered grounds of various colors. The manuscript was written for use in the Sainte Chapelle Royale at Paris, the chapel build by Louis XI to contain relics. Remarkably fine example of French calligraphy and decoration in fine preservation. On f. 1r is a signature 'Mag [superscript r]. Jacobus Bargnes.' circa 1550. Manuscript rebound in red morocco by Riviere, Paris. Origin: Paris Contents: f. 1 blank page with signature; ff. 2 through 7v calendar; ff. 8r through 95v Psalms 1 to 150; ff. 105 through 176 contains the Antiphone and Hymns and the Elections of the Commune Sanctorum. The collection of illuminated manuscripts were gifted to Allegheny College by Charles Carroll Albertson, D.D. 1899 in 1952.
Allegheny College Library Special Collections
Accession Number
223.5 B47 psa
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Owen, William
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