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1974 Sophomores
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1974 Sophomores
Sophomores section from the 1974 Rawenoch 1974 Sophomores Class of 1976 Alice Sue Adams, Cindy Ahrens, George Allen, Gloria Ardolina, Terry Aycock, Raymond Banner, Alison Bargar, Kathy Barker, David Barnhart, Shelley Bennack, Mary Jo Birtwell, Jim Bowen, Ginny Boyd, Nancy Bucher, Susan Butner, Rebecca Bush, Maureen Callahan, William Chambers, Leslie Clark, Fred Clift, Clifton Coffey, Margarel Coliton, Dick Corroon, Kaki Cousins, Jean Cowan, William Cox, Tom Coyle, Olympia Dalla,s Daphne DePuy, Kalhy DeWill, Helen Deyo, Lynn Dickhart, John Dickenson, Joan Ericson, Sharon Faulconer, Raphael Ferris, Patrice Frederick, Mary Frye, George Gabb, Laurie Gareshe, Sue Gerke, Brenda Geske, Janet Gibb, Jillanne Gohr, Diana Hanson, Joseph Hazell, Suzanne Helsher, Tim Henahan, Robin Hogue, Gary Holland, Gerri Heiliger, Don Houston, Donald Howe, Tom Hubsh, Lynn Huff, Sally Hunter, Robert Huntley, Mary Ingalls, Joy Inglis, Gordon Jennings, Jeff Johlgren, Rich Johnston, Charles Julg, Harold Kasey, Joy Kassekert, Judy Keith, Becky Kinser, Marilyn Kirby, Todd Knickel, Karyol Kniffen, Terry Koehler, Mary Kuehnert, Phil Lahrmann, Thomas Lane, Patrick Lang, Bob Langton, Joseph LaRocco, Norm Lawler, Greg Leaf, Charles Libby, Richard Llerena, Devon Lowdon, Ian Lowdon, Stephen Loy, Pam Markham, Keith Marshall, Barbara Martin, Jane Marsac, Chris Matheson, Linda McCoun, Marsha McNair, Karen McSee, Tern Mentlik, Lynn Meyer, Melissa Middleton, Beth Miller, Susan Moore, Dorothy Moushegian, Doranne Mullenix, Jennifer Mulligan, Cathy Nahirny, Mark O'Brian, Pam Pamperl, William Patton, Karen Petry, Paula Porter, Thea Quillen, Sandra Rang, Vicki Raville, Joe Ray, John Reddington, Jane Reid, Ann Reinhart, Kim Rendall, James Richards, Brian Roberts, Claudia Robertson, Thomas Robertson, James Rose, Thomas Rutherford, Edward Ryan, Charles Saba, David Sable, Sue Sallada, Paula Samis, Mary Samler, Erik Scheaffer, Pam Schaper, John Schmitthenner, Charles Schumann, Linda Smith, Mark Smith, Cathy Smith, Steven Stanley, Mary Starz, Bill Steele, Debra Steffen, Jill Sterner, Bonnie Stewart, Dave Stinebaugh, Greg Surabtan, Stephen Swanson, John Teter, Bob Teale, Hal Tendler, Thomas Tuebel, James Webb, Paulette Webb, Conni Webster, Alice Williams, Debby Williamson, Jean Willis, Julie Wilson, Dell Withers, Dianne Woodcock, H.G. Worthy, Susan Yeabsley, Susan Young
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