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Vol. II. Les Clavicules de R. Salomon
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Vol. II. Les Clavicules de R. Salomon
Vol. II. Les Clavicules de R.Salomon, translated from Hebrew into French by M. Pierre Morissoneau, Professor of Oriental Languages and follower of Kabbalism The following typed noted has been inserted inside the front cover of the manuscript: "542 Occult MSS - Les Clavicules de Salomon, traduites du Hebreu par P. Morissoneau, 305 pp., with a similar volume containing La Clef de Salomon, 114 pp., and 2 other Treatises, both volumes neatly written in black, red, and green, in late 18th Century hands, with numerous cabalistic illustrations, 2 vols, 4to, emblematic morocco gilt, g.e" Summary: La Clavicule ou la Clef de Salomon, Roi des Hebreux et fils de David, traduite de l'hebreux, divisee en quatre livres. Les Clavicules de R. Salomon. Traduites par Mr. Pierre Morissoneau, Professeur des langues orientales et Sectateur des Sages Cabalistes. With other tracts on Magic. Illustrated with numerous pen-drawn magical figures, talismans, etc. in gold, silver and colours. In Vol. I the text is in red, black and green: in Vol. II the text is in similar colours, and facing the title-page is a folding figure of a magic Circle in red and green, the text in red. In both volumes there are historiated ornaments, vignettes, tail-pieces, etc., by the calligrapher who signs himself on the title-page of Vol. I 'J. S. Fyot, ecrivain. 1796'. Les Clavicules de R. Salomon ... le tout enrichi d'un grand nombre de figures mystérieuses de talismans, pentacles, cercles, canderies et caractères, avec la manière de les composer, et une simple explication des principes de la Science occulte des plus fameux Nécromanciens qui ont vecu depuis Salomon jusqu'à présent. Augmenté de leurs plus beaux secrets (1 l. + pp. iii + 3051-2 bl. ll.). Pp. 289-end have a separate title: 'Les talismans ou caractères des douze anneaux dans lesquels on enferme un Esprit pour tout ce qu'on veut par 643s215 [?]. The Key of Solomon... the whole enriched with a great number of mysterious figures of talismans, pentacles, circles, canderies and characters, with the method of composing them and a simple explanation of the principles of the occult science of the most famous necromancers who have lived from Solomon to the present enhanced with their most beautiful secrets. The talismans or characters of the twelve rings within which the Spirit is enclosed for all that one wants by 643s215 [?]. MS 4670
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