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Thorascope x-ray unit, London, 1951-1960
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Thorascope x-ray unit, London, 1951-1960, result 1 of 1

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Thorascope x-ray unit, London, 1951-1960
The Thorascope is a fluoroscopic X-ray unit. It relieves the burden on busy hospital X-ray departments. It was most likely found in the consulting rooms of private practitioners or in tuberculosis screening centres. The Thorascope is a compact and self-contained machine. The controls are grouped on a single panel on the left of the fluorescent screen. Only one person is needed to operate the machine. Fluoroscopic X-rays involved viewing images on a fluorescent screen instead of photographic film. The technique was used extensively in the early years of radiology. Using X-ray machines in tuberculosis centres allowed quick diagnosis and early treatment. maker: General Radiological Ltd, maker: General Radiological Ltd. Place made: London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
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