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Acupuncture prohibitions for pregnancy, Chinese/Japanese
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Acupuncture prohibitions for pregnancy, Chinese/Japanese
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Chart showing locations on the Lung channel of arm taiyin where acupuncture is prohibited during the seventh month of pregnancy, from Ishinpo [Chinese: Yi xin fang] (Remedies at the Heart of Medicine), by the Japanese author Yasuyori Tanba.

Completed in 984 (2nd year of the Eikan era), this is primarily a classified edition of Chinese medical prescriptions of the Jin (265-420) and Tang (618-907) periods, but it also embraces materia medica, acupuncture and moxibustion, yangsheng ('nourishing life'), mineral elixirs, daoyin (therapeutic movement), dietetic therapy, etc. Juan (volume) 22, Renfu maitu yuejingfa (Channel charts of the pregnant woman with monthly prohibitions), Section 1, contains ten acupuncture prohibition charts, one for each month of gestation.

Heading: Illustration of the Lung channel of arm taiyin. Labels (names of prohibited points): Shaoshang (Lesser Shang); yuji (Fish Border); taiyuan (Great Abyss); jingqu (Channel Ditch); lieque (Break in the Sequence); kongzui (Utmost Opening); chize
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