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C18 Chinese woodcut: Alcohol-poisoning laryngitis
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C18 Chinese woodcut: Alcohol-poisoning laryngitis, result 1 of 1

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C18 Chinese woodcut: Alcohol-poisoning laryngitis
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Woodcut illustration from the anonymous medical handbook Zhengzhi tuzhu houke (Diagnosis and Treatment of Throat Conditions, Illustrated), edition engraved in 1797 (2nd year of the Jiaqing reign period of the Qing dynasty, Ding Si year).

This book discusses eight branches of throat medicine, including yanhou men (the branch of laryngopharyngeal medicine), ru'e men (the branch of tonsillitis - lit. 'milky moth' -- medicine), houbi men (the branch of throat impediment medicine, or pharyngitis), houfeng men (the branch of throat wind medicine, or laryngitis), and houyong men (the branch of throat abscess medicine). It contains descriptions of 84 different throat conditions, each accompanied by an illustration.

Heading: Alcohol-poisoning laryngitis [lit. throat wind] (jiudu houfeng) Caption: Light red lumps
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