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C19 Chinese MS moxibustion point chart: Chengshan
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C19 Chinese MS moxibustion point chart: Chengshan
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Acu-moxa point chart, showing the chengshan (Supporting the Mountain) point, from Chuanwu lingji lu (Record of Sovereign Teachings), by Zhang Youheng, a treatise on acu-moxa in two volumes. This work survives only in a manuscript draft, completed in 1869 (8th year of the Tongzhi reign period of the Qing dynasty). It is illustrated with 84 charts, finely executed in colour. The text states: The chengshan point is located at the back of the lower leg, in the depression below the calf muscle. It can be needled to a depth of 5 fen (1 fen [0.1 cun/Chinese proportional inch] = c. 0.3 cm), and moxibusted with five moxa cones. It is indicated for backache; haemorrhoids and painful swellings; heavy, aching feet and knees; pain in the heels; seasonal epidemics of cold damage; malarial chills and fever (hanre); huoluan (cholera and analogous illnesses); spasm, etc.
Caption: Chengshan (Supporting the Mountain) point
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