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66 – Tasks to Do, So Art Can Be – A Land of Fire and Ice plus Dispersion
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66 – Tasks to Do, So Art Can Be – A Land of Fire and Ice plus Dispersion, result 1 of 1

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American, born Germany
66 – Tasks to Do, So Art Can Be – A Land of Fire and Ice plus Dispersion
Work Type
drawings (visual works)
acrylic on canvas; pen-and-wash drawings; black and white;
Modern; Philosophical; Imagination
From "Johannes Speaks --2016," entry "Tasks To Do, So Art Can Be", pp. 68-70: "My painting offers an extended graduation from white to blue, and several narrow passages of blending to render in blurring boundaries some of the adjoining color fields. "The blendings belong in visual art because they are visible within a work to our naked eye. Yet they are also a product of an intrusion into a microscopic world. On Loan from the Invisible. "However nimble the work of our pigment-laden brush, we cannot tell exactly where the microscopic particles of colors will fall in place. "The pattern is likely similar – though not identical to – that of my sample of the small black squares. For, whatever our finger-tip sensibility that moves the brush, the colored particles remain largely self-arranging and self-sorting. "Out of sources in nature and from disciplines of endeavor beyond art we use what can be made visible in our pictorial work. "Derived from shaded modeling seen all around us, graduated blending is a most often practiced craft in visual art. "More than 75 years ago it seemed a miracle to me, and still I name it 'wonderful' that – wielded with dexterity and due diligence – the brush will cause tiniest particles of colored dust to do my bidding. "So far the occurrence is unexplained and likely to remain that way – gift of a benign Providence."
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
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25 - Fire and Ice plus Dispersion; 25 - Tasks for Art 02 - Land of Fire and Ice; 25 - Tasks for Art 03 - Small Black Squares
Johannes Speaks
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