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30 – Frauds – Winged Demon
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30 – Frauds – Winged Demon, result 1 of 1

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American, born Germany
30 – Frauds – Winged Demon
Work Type
drawings (visual works)
black pencil on paper; black and white
Modern; Philosophical
Original image – large plate, 18 x 24, and offset print, 100 copies From a related blog post, "The Visual Design Inclusions," Johannes Speaks – 2016, pg. 20: "The art in this blog only very seldom clearly illustrates my text. Occasionally that work parallels the writing, in hope -- not of helping to explain -- but of enhancing, the meaning of the printed page. Some designs are shown for eye appeal alone. There is a cause. Today I am legally blind. These mini-essays are at first brush-written in letters as large nearly as bricks. And the artwork must be what I have in store at home." However, Johannes was still able to actively participate, with many revisions, in the page design composition for all the Blog postings. From accompanying text in blog post, "Frauds – Pious and Impious – and Common Sinners, Too," Johannes Speaks – 2016, pg. 23: "A tattle-tale and backbiter – that is, the Pious Fraud – is upholding virtue at painful cost to others and rewardment to himself. One reward will be most surely a happy triumph of self-righteous Gloating. "Our Hypocrites, however, are with us in two species, and not mere one. And that other holds himself to be a Go-Getter and Sterling Fellow. A fluent Liar, his manner is Blunt Honesty, but not his purpose. Those trustable, and also trusting, are his chosen prey. 'Caveat Emptor, you damn Fool!' Is profit by Impious Fraud not glorious? "Like two species of Hyena are these two – one Spotted, and one Striped. "We others are the Ordinary Sinners – we have some Bad in us, and also just a little bit of Good. We believe in Goodness, but do it only on occasion and so, repent of faults, but not too much. 'For there is no point in wearing myself out.'"
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
ID Number
13 - Hypocrites 03 - Winged Demon 1981
Johannes Speaks
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