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09 - Rule of the Road – Repeat Pattern
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American, born Germany
09 - Rule of the Road – Repeat Pattern
Work Type
drawings (visual works)
ca. 1980s
pen and ink on paper;
Modern; Philosophical; Imagination
Original image – page from notebook of studies, 8.5 x 11. From a related blog post, "The Visual Design Inclusions," Johannes Speaks – 2016, pg. 20: "The art in this blog only very seldom clearly illustrates my text. Occasionally that work parallels the writing, in hope -- not of helping to explain -- but of enhancing, the meaning of the printed page. Some designs are shown for eye appeal alone. There is a cause. Today I am legally blind. These mini-essays are at first brush-written in letters as large nearly as bricks. And the artwork must be what I have in store at home." However, Johannes was still able to actively participate, with many revisions, in the page design composition for all the Blog postings. From accompanying text in blog post, "Rule of the Road," Johannes Speaks – 2016, pg. 10: "In my advertisement redesign, I could not misspell a word. But in the work-a-day – errors are the Rule of our road. I deplore my -- and others' -- missteps, our slipshod haste and corner-cutting self-accommodation. Some follies I have ventured need forgetting. "There are failures that ignite the brain with comprehension. Those dead-endings become roadside lanterns shining very piecemeal upon the path ahead. Such errors have a value that deserves reporting to save a later worker needless wanderings and time. "A century ago, aircraft seemed the miracle of their time, yet were full of aeronautical mistakes. Thus – we fly today frequently and safely and at speed. "Schoolboy mathematics can be a perfection, if the schoolboy knows the answers. Beyond the lecture hall and classroom, we build short-falls upon a fundament and ground plan of successive short-falls. This is never easy going. So, give yourself, and give to me, a liberty to celebrate each time we gain a pace or two ahead."
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
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06 - Errors - Pattern
Johannes Speaks
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