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Xiehao, an edible wild plant, Chinese woodcut
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Xiehao, an edible wild plant, Chinese woodcut
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Woodcut of xiehao, an edible wild plant, from Yecai bolu (Compendium of edible wild plants)), published in the Tianqi reign period of the Ming Dynasty. The illustration is accompanied by an explanatory text: The shoots of xiehao grow to be over a foot (chi) high. It is tall and slender like qinghao. The leaves and stems grow densely. It has small, yellow flowers with fine petals,growing a little way apart. The stems and leaves have a pungent flavour. Its nature is warm and neutral. It is non-toxic. Method of consumption: Gather the shoots and leaves. Boil till cooked. Steep in water, then rinse. Dress with oil and salt and eat. Yecai bolu includes 435 edible plants. Below the name of each species is an illustration of the plant, followed by information on its appearance, its properties and flavours, and methods of collection and consumption.
Image title: Xiehao. Text giving the information about the plant included in 'Description of image content'.
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