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The healing touch, emotional cancer journey, artwork
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The healing touch, emotional cancer journey, artwork
Painting titled "The healing touch" by artist and cancer patient Michele Angelo Petrone (1963-2007). Two figures are depicted: one kneels on the floor with an outstretched arm touching the face of the second figure which is seated. "I need to know that this body is my body. And I need to know everything that is happening to my body. But most of all I need to know that you know that within my body there is me. Healing is brought about not just by medicine. It's not just treatment which cures you, but all that encompasses the human touch. A smile means more than an antibiotic injection, a hug means more than a platelet transfusion. The face - of my friends, my family, my nurses and - yes - even my doctors, shows sympathy, compassion and understanding. This human face contributes so much to healing of the tortured soul." This painting forms part of a series of work "The emotional cancer journey", which explores the emotions and feelings the artist experienced during his cancer journey. Michele was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1994. He founded the MAP foundation in 2002 to promote expression, communication and understanding of serious illness and dying.
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