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Onychium japonicum 'Dali'
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Onychium japonicum 'Dali'
Onychium japonicum (Thunb.)Kunze Adiantaceae Carrot Fern, Sichuan Lace, cultivar 'Dali'. Distribution: Japan, China. This fern was named in 1848, but was declared an illegitimate name as Blume had already named an orchid Onychium japonicum in 1825. This was the Epidendrum moniliforme of Linnaeus, now Dendrobium moniliforme and it was only in 2011 at the International Botanical Conference in Melbourne, that Kanchi Gandhi and others were able to conserve the name Onychium for ferns. Used for multiple conditions in Traditional Chinese medicine, the plant contains chalcones and flavonoids. Photographed in the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians, London.
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