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The Gotha Missal: Fol. 23v, Text
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France, Paris, 14th century
The Gotha Missal: Fol. 23v, Text
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Work Type
Bound Volume
c. 1375
ink, tempera, and gold on vellum; blind-tooled leather binding
Codex: 27.1 x 19.5 cm (10 11/16 x 7 11/16 in.)
This elegant Latin manuscript is known today as The Gotha Missal after its eighteenth-century owners, the German Dukes of Gotha. The volume was originally copied and illuminated in Paris around 1375 -- a commission of the Valois king, Charles V "the Wise" (1364-1380), one of the great bibliophiles of the fifteenth century and brother of Dukes Philip the Bold of Burgundy and Jean de Berry. Manuscript missals were not intended for the lay user, but rather for the use of the celebrant at Mass. The present volume was therefore meant to be used by the king's private chaplain and was probably housed in Charles's private chapel, possibly in his principle residence, the Palace of the Louvre (demolished in the sixteenth century). The main decorative body of the missal consists of two full-page miniatures comprising the Canon of the Mass and twenty-three small miniatures. The style and high quality of the decoration points to its inclusion withing a select group of manuscripts accepted today as from the hand of Jean Bondol. Bondol was active at the court of Charles V from 1368 until 1381 where he headed the court workshop and also served as the king's valet de chambre. The blind-tooled leather binding dates to the fifteenth century.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Collection: MED - Manuscript Illuminations
Department: Medieval Art
Provenance: J. B. Huhn
Dukes of Gotha
Earl of Denbigh
Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Mrs. Gordon Mathias
J. B. Huhn (1720); Dukes of Gotha (1745); Earl of Denbigh (sale: Sotheby, 4/3/1950, lot 1); Apsley Cherry-Garrard; Mrs. Gordon Mathias (sale: Sotheby, 6/5/1961, lot 177);
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt Fund
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