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Flo Wilson & Peggy Koenig
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Flo Wilson & Peggy Koenig
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55 mins., 51 sec.
0:50 - Flo remembers how Lydia Cotton Mills hired her dad to pitch for the textile baseball team and Peggy tells of her dad's work for Clinton Cotton Mills and Lydia Mill before and after serving in World War II. 3:00 - Flo and Peggy discuss how everyone in Lydia Mill Village looked out for each other. 5:03 - They talk of not knowing they were poor until starting junior high school in Clinton, South Carolina. 7:20 - They discuss clothes they wore as girls. 9:15 - They recall getting in trouble during church service. 12:36 - Flo recalls the Christmas fruit baskets given to mill families. 14:23 - Flo talks about Camp Fire Girls and how she met the governor in 1964. Peggy recalls a home-made exercise mat for camp. 16:45 - Flo talks about her first job at the swimming pool concession stand. 20:30 - Peggy tells of her dad's photographic memory and recalls a family legend [that is inaccurate] about her dad's wages while working at Lydia Mill. 23:46 - Peggy discusses sale of the Lydia Mill Village houses. 25:15 - They discuss their parents. 31:10 - Flo recalls her maternal grandparents and her mother's working life. 32:43 - They discuss their brothers and sisters. 35:10 - Flo recalls Aunt Bert Abercrombie and candy from the mill store. 37:36 - Peggy tells of being forced to take over a brother's paper route, Halloween trick-or-treat and costumes, and childhood performances. 44:10 - Flo recalls sleeping over at Peggy's house; then they discuss childhood health care and home remedies.
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