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Falange -- Cara Al Sol Con La Camisa Nueva
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Falange -- Cara Al Sol Con La Camisa Nueva
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Political sticker
"Cara al sol con la camisa nueva" is the first line of Cara al Sol, the anthem of the Falange. This sticker features an image of a Falange soldier looking up at the sun. Beams of sunlight fall on his face. The Falange's flag is behind him. Encyclopaedia Britannica describes the Falange (Phalanx in English) as an "extreme nationalist political group" that was taken over by General Francisco Franco in 1937. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Franco "merged the Falange party with other groups to form the Nationalist movement," the party he represented when he began leading Spain as a dictator following his victory in the Spanish Civil War (1936-9). "La camisa nueva" ("the new shirt" in English) is a reference to the Falange uniform, which the soldier is wearing. The shirt is one of the most distinctive elements of this uniform. Falange soldiers were known for wearing blue shirts with the Falange symbol (the yoke and arrows) embroidered on the left breast pocket. The sheet music for this line of Cara al Sol is included below the image.
Courtesy of the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.
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Falange Española de las J.O.N.S.
Cara Al Sol -- Anthem Of The Spanish Falange Party
Facing The Sun In My New Shirt
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Council of Independent Colleges provided funding support for this project.
From the Morir en España blog: "the anthem of Falange, composed by Jose Antonio himself, by Rafael Sánchez Mazas, and others, illustrated by Sáenz de Tejada verse by verse. Magnificent hymn and illustrations, at the service of a more debatable cause." [Lyrics to Cara al Sol] Cara al sol con la camisa nueva que tú bordaste rojo ayer, me hallará la muerte si me lleva y no te vuelvo a ver. Formaré junto a los compañeros que hacen guardia sobre los luceros, impasible el ademán, y están presentes en nuestro afán. Si te dicen que caí, me fui al puesto que tengo allí. Volverán banderas victoriosas al paso alegre de la paz, y traerán prendidas cinco rosas, las flechas de mi haz. Volverá a reír la primavera, que por cielo, tierra y mar se espera. ¡Arriba, escuadras, a vencer, que en España empieza a amanecer English translation: Face the sun with the new shirt that you embroidered red yesterday, Death will find me if it takes me and I do not see you again. I will form together with the classmates who stand guard over the stars, the gesture impassive, and they are present in our eagerness. If they tell you that I fell, I left to the position I have there. Victorious flags will return at the joyous pace of peace, and they will bring five roses on, the arrows of my beam. He will laugh again in the spring, that by sky, earth and sea is expected. Up, squads, to win, that in Spain begins to dawn!
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