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Cartonnage Mummy Case
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Egypt, Late Ptolemaic Dynasty to early Roman Empire
Cartonnage Mummy Case
Work Type
Funerary Equipment
c. 50 BC - AD 50
cartonnage, painted and gilded, with glass inlays
Overall: 20.5 x 57 cm (8 1/16 x 22 7/16 in.)
This mummy case is made of cartonnage, a material similar to papier-mâché, but using layers of linen rather than paper. Cartonnage mummy cases such as these are contemporary with funerary portraits painted on wood or linen, although they present a very different appearance. The face, modeled in plaster, is bland and idealized, although the effect of the gilding and glass inlays is quite dazzling. The body is painted with traditional, age-old funerary motifs: the god Osiris, seated and mummiform; the fetish of Abydos, holy city of Osiris, flanked by standing deities (Thoth and Shu); a Horus falcon with outspread wings, and the bark of Sokar. Below these are the sandaled feet of the deceased. On the sides are rows of seated deities. On the top of the head are a winged scarab beetle flanked by Anubis jackals. On the foot are painted the soles of the deceased’s sandals, flanked by scorpions for protection.
This coffin is smaller and later in date than the other coffins in this gallery. It is made of cartonnage, which used layers of linen to create a material similar to papier-mâché. The painted portrait head displays the influence of Roman portraiture at
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Collection: Egypt - Ptolemaic Dynasty
Department: Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art
Gallery: 107 Egyptian
Provenance: Perhaps Akhmim. Purchased from Mr. Hornblower (in Egypt?) by Lucy Olcott Perkins through Henry W. Kent
Gift of the John Huntington Art and Polytechnic Trust
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Image and original data from The Cleveland Museum of Art
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