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1986 Faculty and Staff
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1986 Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff section from 1986 Rawenoch, the Roanoke College yearbook 1986 Faculty and Administration Kenneth Garren, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Leah Spadaro, Director of Academic Records and Services Louise Clendenen, Recorder Raymond Brown, Director of Audio-Visual Services Betty Lovelace, Director of Upward Bound Wanda Spraggins, Upward Bound Counselor Judith Nelson, Dir. of Adult and Continuing Education, Special Events Nadine Arnold, Asst. Center for Community and Special Events Stan Umberger, Assistant Librarian Jeanne Becker, Assistant Librarian William T. Davidson, Assistant Librarian Judith Clark, Coordinator of Activities for Olin Hall William B. Miller, Vice President-Admissions Brenda A. Porter, Associate Dean of Admissions Carlton Williams Jr., Assistant Dean of Admissions William Walton, Vice President- Business Affairs Margaret Hudson, Business Manager Jan Douglas, Manager of Personnel Services and Payroll James Barricks, Director of Physical Plant Richard Phelan, Director of Food Services Carol Buemer, Food Production Manager Brenda Bower, Bookstore Manager Ann Vecellio, Assistant Operations Manager-Bookstore Almeda Kelly, Administrative Assistant- Business Affairs Joe Williamson, Mary Lotts, Christine Cable, Sue Travis, Mary Walts, Virginia Dooley. Back Row; James Henderson, Ed Talley, Anna Gibson, Christine Uryniak Timothy Swanson, College Chaplain Paul Henrickson, Associate Chaplain John M. Hills, Vice President-Resource Development Dorothy Sheldon Williams, Director of Developmental Services Donna Hall Doughtie, Director of Public Affairs Benjamin Case, Director of Development Suzanne Helm Coles, Director of Capital Resources Christine Davies, Director of Annual Resources Alan Ronk, Dir. of Corporate and Foundation Relations Jo Eggers, Dir. of Alumni and Parent Relations McMillian Johnson IV, Assistant Dean of Students Mark Petersen, Assistant Dean of Students Karen Wilcox, Assistant Dean of Students Charles Fisher, Resident Director Cynthia Overton, Secretary to Vice President-Student Affairs Marshe Huddle, Director of Student Health Services Marie Miller, Assistant Director of Student Health Services Ed Green, Director of Athletics and Head Basketball Coach Robert Hartman, Director of Sports Information John Pirro, Assistant Athletic Director Food Services: Elizabeth Herron, Mary Dennis, Fannie Walker, Becky Whitt, Raymond Middaugh, Thanh Diep, Herman Saunders, Rosa Randolph, Ann Nutter, Gloria Easley, Carolyn Weaver, Claudette Brizendine, James Coleman, Mark Gibson, Elibreuil Balizage, Evelyn Meadors, James Minter, Boss Taylor Jr. Housekeeping: Harry Saunders, Ira White, Nancy Williams, Elsie Epperly, Norma Allie, Brian Kelly, James Smith, Oren Williams, Denver Matherly, Vickie Presley, Dorothy Feazell, Ann Johnson, Bill Williams. Faculty Dr. Karen Adkisson, Biology Prof. Steve Arbury, Art Prof. George Arthur, Theatre Dr. Bobbye Au, English Prof. Jean Beamer, Physical Education Dr. Robert Benne, Philosophy/Religion Prof. John Brust, Art Dr. Elaine Budde, Physical Education Prof. James Buriak, Physical Education Prof. Trudy Camper, Education Dr. Ronda Carpenter, Psychology Dr. Gary Clarke, Biology Prof. William Coulter, English Prof. Richard DeOiazarra, Business Administration Dr. Patricia Dragon·Jordahl, French Prof. Lynn Eckman, French Dr. Paul Erba, Spanish Dr. William Ergle, Math./Stat./Compurer Science Dr. Pat Gathercole, French Dr. Suzanne Glass, Marh,/Sralislics Dr. Inez Good, German Prof. Jack Gordon, Business Administration Dr. Michael Griffin, Physical Education Dr. Gene Grubitz, Biology Prof. Deborah Gwillim, Theatre Prof. Scott Hardwick, Art Dr. Jan Heyn, Psychology Dr. C. William Hill, Political Science Dr. Shaing Hu, Math/ComputerSciene Dr. Benjamin Huddle, Chemistry Prof. Robert Hudson, Physics Dr. Jane Ingram, Math/Computer Science Dr. Robert Jenkins, Biology Dr. Daniel Larsen, Psychology Dr. Philip Lee, Biology Dr. Darryl Lowry, Economics Prof. Larry Lynch, Business Administration Prof. Edward McClelland, Business Administration Dr. Mark Miller, History Dr. Vernon Miller, Physics Dr. Susan Millinger, History Dr. Donald Moe, Music Dr. Ronald Oetgen, Chemistry Dr. Nina Parker-Cohen, Psychology Dr. Mamie Patterson, Spanish Dr. Dretha Phillips, Sociology Prof. Alfred Powell, Business Administration Dr. Galdino Pranzarone, Psychology Dr. R. Dan Richardson, History Prof. Jeffrey Sandborg, Music Dr. Janice Saunders, Sociology Dr. Will Selzer, Polilical Science Dr. C. Freeman Sleeper, Philosophy/Religion Prof. Eberle Smith, Sociology Dr. John Spitz, Economics Dr. Robert Stauffer, Economics Dr. Gail Steehler, Chemislry Prof. Elizabeth Stephens·Koesters, Art Dr. Will Selzer, Polilical Science Dr. C. Freeman Sleeper, Philosophy/Religion Prof. Eberle Smith, Sociology Dr. John Spitz, Economics Dr. Robert Stauffer, Economics Dr. Gall Steehler, Chemistry Prof. Elizabeth Stephens·Koesters, Art
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