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1992 Sophomores
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1992 Sophomores
Sophomores section from 1992 Rawenoch, the Roanoke College yearbook 1992 Sophomores Class of 1994 Andrew Adams, Jenny Akers, Lamya Alany, Laura Arthur, Laura Boutilier, Danyel Brugh, Marjorie Bullen, Kay Caldwell, Michelle Carlson, Jason Cording, David Coyner, Jennifer Crocker, Susan Denny, Mercedes Dodds, Becky Duke, Holley Elkins, Paige English, Sonya Etter, Hubie Firebaugh, Jason Fiske, Amber Foster, Kristi Garren, Valerie Glass, Suzannah Gordon, Marla Hall, Kari Hall, Susan Hart, Elizabeth Hines, Lesleigh Huff, Luz Isaza, Michelle Jarboe, Ashli Jones, Stefanie Leipzig, JoJo Lentz, Dana Logan, Wendy MacNeill, Michele Mann, Kevin Martin, Stuart Moore, Brian Morgan, Tisha Myers, Svetlana Nikic, Rebecca Olsen, Heather Sharer,Jennifer Shimrak, Glenda Smith, Christy Taylor, Erica Thompson, John Thurman, Natalie Turpin, Amy Vaughan, Shawn Vaughan, Krysla Vernon, Larry Vernon, Kami Watson, David Willis
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