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The Era of Good Feelings: BFA Photography Thesis Exhibition
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The Era of Good Feelings: BFA Photography Thesis Exhibition
Installation view
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exhibition (Pratt Student)
May 1, 2017-May 20, 2017
Pratt Manhattan Gallery (144 West 14th Street New York, New York, United States)
The Era of Good Feelings presents a vision of photography that is diverse in its approach to subject, style, and materials—reflecting the expanded field of photography today. Artists include Alex Chan, Blythe Cross, Grey Cruz, Claudia Di Maio, Maiya Elliott, Imani Hamilton, Ryan Helfant, Benjamin Hilf, Coco Hirsch, David Holly, Hao Lin, Corinne Mares, Hailey McCracken, Ellie Musgrave, Aliya Nimmons, Sam O’Niell, Mine Paksoy, Jherry Ramirez, Rebecca Steltz, Emmalyn Sullivan, Anastazia Swerer-McNutt, Melissa Tesillo, Christina Washburn, Caleb Wesley Young Shelton, Sydney Wilson, Joan Wyeth, Alexander Zuckerman.
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Pratt Institute Department of Exhibitions
May 2017
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