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See Yourself E(x)ist
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See Yourself E(x)ist
Installation view
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exhibition (Non-Pratt)
December 7, 2017-February 17, 2018
Pratt Manhattan Gallery (144 West 14th Street New York, New York, United States)
See Yourself E(x)ist collects the work of a group of artists who are addressing our human future and, implicit in that journey, our transformation, evolution and decay. Artists include Lee Griggs, Lorenzo Oggiano, Nobumichi Asai, Allan Wexler, Gijs Gieskes, Kathryn Fleming, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Andrew Quitmeyer & Madeline Schwartzman, Alan Berliner, Dorry Hsu, Jaime Pitarch, Fantich & Young, Ann Hamilton, John Jerard, Michael Candy.
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Mandella, Jason
December 2017
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