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Plate 38 - Curving Landscape - Foreshortening
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American, born Germany; German; American
Plate 38 - Curving Landscape - Foreshortening
Work Type
sketches; pen-and-wash drawings
freehand drawing; black-and-white
modern; Contemporary; Analytical; Teaching; Instruction
From the chapter "A Family of Forms": "The continuity of a constantly flexing surface can perhaps be most simply expressed through a linear construction similar to that of PLATE 39, a sketch that was drawn in preparation for PLATE 15. It guided the placement of the black squares by marking the middle of the intervening spaces. "The notion that one could eliminate all lines running from left to right in PLATE 39 furnished the conceptual model for the pattern of Figure 9 on the next page. But in order to make good the loss of the descriptive facility of those discarded lines, it seemed desirable to increase the number of the remaining downward strokes from sixteen to twenty per unit, and to widen them imperceptibly toward the depressions, for the purpose of gaining the transition and gradual darkening of modeled tone."
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
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PLT_39, Sketch for Plate 15
The Formulation of a Graphic Language
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