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Plate 33 – Positive and Negative Pyramids
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American, born Germany; German; American
Plate 33 – Positive and Negative Pyramids
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sketches; pen-and-wash drawings
freehand drawing; black-and-white; pen and ink; informal sketch
Modern; Contemporary; Analytical; Teaching; Instruction
From the chapter "A Family of Forms": These examples suggest that sequences of heavy strokes, resulting from the insistence upon a predetermined scheme of light and shade, may not be able to show recessed forms with the same clarity as their positive complements. This inference is confirmed by two of the heavily striped pyramids on PLATE 33. For the one in the upper left and the other in the lower right reveal, through the location of their points beneath the center of their horizontal dimensions, that they were intended to be seen as pits. Instead they seem solid to many viewers and appear to project downward and outward, rather than receding inward as planned.
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
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PLT_33, Four Pyramids
The Formulation of a Graphic Language
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