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Frontispiece -- Title Page
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American, born Germany; German; American
Frontispiece -- Title Page
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sketches; frontispieces
ca. 1970
Pen and Ink; Informal Sketch; Freehand Drawing; Black and White; Calligraphy
Modern; Contemporary; analytical; teaching, instruction
After finishing the experiments and illustrations for the entire effort of The Formulation of a Graphic Language, the author used some of the more advanced concepts in order to prepare a Title plate. From the chapter “The Art of Leaving Out”: -- “The sphere and the cube on the half title page furnish perhaps the clearest model we can hope to achieve for the expression of volume through a group of geometric sections whose arrangement remains completely independent of the conditions of physical illumination. During the process of working out the drawing, it became apparent that the outline which, prior to impainting, marked the boundaries of all the segments, was capable of supplying the essential recognition signals entirely by itself. So, the decision for which side of the line should eventually be filled with black was guided solely by the compositional preparations for the display. But the choice had probably no more bearing upon the legibility of the two forms than the difference whether the source of light is left or right has normally on our identification of such objects in nature.” From discussion of Plate 61 in the book: -- “It is probably best to make a beginning by exploring how the appearance of simple curves is transformed as a result of their position on the exterior of a volume, that is to say chiefly, how they seem to behave when they come under the influence of perspective and foreshortening as optical properties of spatial magnitude.”
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
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FRNT (3) Title
The Formulation of a Graphic Language
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