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Red Oak, longitudinal
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Red Oak, longitudinal
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The northern red oak is one of the most important oaks for timber production in North America. Quality red oak is of high value as lumber and veneer, while defective logs are used as firewood. Construction uses include flooring, veneer, interior trim, and furniture. It is also used for lumber, railroad ties, and fence posts. Red oak wood grain is so open that smoke can be blown through it from end-grain to end-grain on a flat-sawn board. For this reason, it is subject to moisture infiltration and is unsuitable for outdoor uses such as boatbuilding or exterior trim. "Quercus rubra", Wikipedia, accessed December 11, 2019,
Typical Uses: Lumber; sleepers; mine timbers; fenceposts; veneer; pulpwood; fuelwood; flooring; furniture; general millwork; boxes; pallets & crates; agricultural implements; caskets; woodenware; handles; railroad cars.
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