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City Planning
Austria, Wels
A documentary source claims that a wooden chapel stood at the site of the current city parish church as early as 888. By the middle of the 13th century, this had been replaced by a three-aisled Roman basilica. In the 14th century, a Gothic influence was imposed on the church. The formerly flat ceilings of the central aisle and two side aisles were replaced with cross-ribbed vaults.The three Gothic glass windows (14th century) at the choir end of the church are of particular significance in terms of art history. The middle and right glass windows are still in their original form and contain their original colours.The left glass window is composed of fragments from three glass windows together which were originally located in other positions in the church and date from the 14th century. In the tower hall of the parish church is a grave monument from the former Minoriten monastery which was previously the burial ground of the Polheim family. In he 12th century, the parish church was surrounded by a graveyard which was abolished under Josef II in 1781. Gravestones from the former cemetery can be seen outside the choir of the parish church and at the north front of the Wels castle.
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