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Virgin Mary with Jesus
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American, born Germany
Virgin Mary with Jesus
Work Type
sketches; black and colored pencil on paper
ca. 1980s
colored pencils; pencils (drawing and writing equipment)
modern; Contemporary
Smaller sketch for Final - 1980s: Johannes made several versions of this picture, with little variation. This sketch includes some colored pencil for the borders on the clothing. The image is iconic for the Madonna and Child, and for any mother -- showing much motherly tenderness despite the high degree of abstraction. Here is the portion of the narrative associated with this image: " 'But, yes, this is my fairy tale. It consists of three words, ‘Love one another.’ Three words spoken on a barren hillside of that brutal land called Judea. The fairy story part – the incredible part, is this, that they were ever uttered at all – that someone in this world – in this world of greed and lust and hatred and cruelty, had the unbelievable courage to utter them. “That is my fairy story, that someone had the unbelievable courage to utter them. “But, of course, that isn’t enough for most people. It is a little too simple. Too spiritual, perhaps. They don’t want to know what Jesus said. They want to know what he wore, how he looked, how he had brushed his hair that morning. That is their fairy story, a tale of outward and inconsequential details. But they are entitled to it if it pleases their fancy and satisfies their curiosity. They are entitled to it and should not be interfered with, no matter how absurd their ideas may appear to us who believe ourselves to be living on a somewhat higher intellectual plane. And what I say of my fellow-Christians I would maintain about all people….” “The heathen included?” I interrupted. “The heathen included, and even those who call themselves ‘agnostics.’ For their fairy story tells them that there isn’t any fairy story at all, and that in itself is the strangest fairy story of all.' " -- Joannis Van Loon
Salve Regina University Archives and Special Collections
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10 - Virgin Mary with Jesus
In the Heart of America, 1650
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